English Silver-hilted Smallsword, ca. 1746

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Featuring 26.25″ triangular hollow-ground blade with fuller beginning about 6.25″ from the
hilt and continuing to the point; engraved with classical decor over the upper quarter. 1.25″
wide at forte. Silver hilt with single quillon, pas d’ane, asymmetrical shell guard, and
knuckle bow joined to the globular pommel with button; adorned with classical figures in
relief in the rococo style surrounded by vine work. Knuckle bow with English silver
hallmarks for 1746. Wood grip wrapped in silver wire and ribband with silver ferrules top
and bottom. Fine condition with some darkening of blade with salt and pepper patination;
silver retaining an attractive luster with some tarnishing. Overall length 32 5/8″. No