Exceptional US Eagle Head Mounted Artillery Officer’s Saber, ca. 1810-20


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Featuring silver-plated brass stirrup guard with stars above an eagle with shield; the silver
in the recesses and brass on the high points. Ketland style eagle head pommel with
integral backstrap; carved bone grip with base ferrule. Exceptional 30 ½” deeply curved
single-edged blade with single fuller; etched, blued, and gilt on both sides on the upper half
with foliage and stands of arms bordered with gilt lines. About 90% original bluing remains
and nearly all of the gilding. Original black leather scabbard with brass throat with carry
ring and frog stud and brass drag. Leather supple, but shows some flaking. Small chip to
the top of the bone grip. Overall length 35 ½”, not including scabbard. While based in
Birmingham England, Ketland produced both guns and swords and maintained offices in
London and Philadelphia, though never manufactured in either location. So far as is
known, all their manufacturing took place in Birmingham and the vast majority of their
products were made for export, primarily to the United States. Thomas Ketland Jr. is
believed to have been the one who set up the Philadelphia office around 1790.
Interestingly, he married Elizabeth Meade of Philadelphia in 1790 and later became the
uncle of US General George Gordon Meade, the victor of the Battle of Gettysburg.
Excellent quality and condition for a 200+ year-old sword.