French M1777 Flintlock Cavalry Pistol


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The French Model 1777 pistol was introduced to replace the earlier Model 1763/1766 and
was manufactured between 1779-1792. During the American Revolution, thousands of
French M1777 flintlock cavalry pistols were supplied to the American military by the French.
The M1777 proved so popular in America that it was copied in 1799 by North & Cheney,
becoming the very first official US military pistol. This example features .69 cal tapering
7 ½” round smoothbore barrel; the breech with stamped inspection markings and “80″ for
manufacture date of 1780. Brass frame with integral pan, marked with “St. Etienne” in script
and stamped with crowned “L” for Lambert, controller at St. Etienne from 1777-84. Brass
trigger guard and butt plate with stamped inspector mark (worn). Walnut stock with no
visible markings. Frame originally made to attach a steel belt hook, and there are signs that
there once was one, however, later examples were made without the belt hook and existing
examples usually had the hook removed. Overall length 13 1/8″. Very good original
condition, showing considerable age and use; the brass with pleasing patina and dings from
typical use; steel parts with scattered pitting; wood smooth, with dark patina and a small
section worn away behind the pan from repeated firing. This historic pistol could very well
have seen extensive action during the American Revolution.