Gentleman’s Rapier/Smallsword, Probably German, ca. 1680


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Steel guard with fluted quillon block and reverse scroll quillon with button finial; large oval
side ring joining the knuckle bow, which in turn joins the fluted oval pommel. Beautiful
original grip wrap of several size of twisted copper wire, finished with Turks heads top and
bottom. Straight single-edged 30 3/4″ wedge-section blade, the last 8″ double-edged;
engraved on both sides with a scimitar-wielding arm extending from a cloud and floral
decoration. Light weight and well balanced. Very good condition; the blade having been
cleaned with very light pitting and engravings slightly worn. Transitional design, retaining
some characteristics of the rapier, with the size more like that of a fully developed
smallsword. Overall length 36 5/8″.