Hungarian Hussar Saber and Scabbard, Late 17th C


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Of uniquely Eastern European design and showing Ottoman influence, this fine and rare
saber features iron cross guard of bow tie shape with slender double langets. Original
leather-covered wood grip with applied embossed sheet brass decorations and large base
ferrule; the pommel at oblique angle to the grip, formed of embossed sheet brass and
featuring an iron ring with chain attached that joins the end of the guard and serves as
knuckle protection. Curved unfullered 33″ single-edged blade, the last 11″ double edged;
stamped with eyelash marks and another unidentified mark on one side. Original leather-
covered wood scabbard with decorative brass mounts embossed with hearts and stars;
brass edge guards and twin carry rings. Very good original condition, showing great age;
guard and blade pitted, the blade cleaned and showing lamination with a chip missing on
one side at the edge, affecting a single layer of steel and not visible from the other side
(see photo). Overall length 38″, not including scabbard. This saber likely saw considerable
action against the Ottoman Turks and other enemies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
These sabers are rarely found in North America.