Indian Chhuri Knife, Late 19th/Early 20th C


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The Chhura or Choora is a general name for daggers in India and smaller ones are known
as Chhuri. This example features a hand-forged 6 ½” curved single-edged blade with
sharp point and near full-length single fuller at the back edge. Faint Damascus pattern to
the blade. Made without a guard, as typically found, and featuring brass hilt with dove-
head pommel and lanyard ring, with attached mother-of-pearl grip slabs with decorative
inlay. Original wood scabbard with dark green velvet covering. Overall length 10″, not
including scabbard. Identical example illustrated in “Islamic Weapons, Maghrib to
Mughul” , Figure 214, p. 292, by Anthony Tirri.