Japanese Samurai Koto Era Wakizashi


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Classified as a ko-wakizashi (ko means short) with traditionally forged 13 3/4″ blade, as
measured by Japanese standards from kissaki (point) to munimachi (notch on back edge).
Notare hamon (wavy temper line) and visible hada (grain), visible despite the blade’s fair
condition. Un-signed nakago (tang) with single mekugi-ana (hole for mounting peg),
showing great age; the shape indicating that it was probably never cut down. Old iron
tsuba (guard) with remains of gold shakudo decoration. Silver habaki (blade collar).
Lovely old fuchi (grip collar) and matching kashira (pommel) with floral shakudo decoration.
Traditional samurai same’ (rayskin grip covering), with minor losses, and black ito (silk
cord), with some fraying at the fuchi. Tsuka (hilt) mounted with a pair of old iron menuki
(decorative grip mounts) with dark patina. Black lacquered wood saya (scabbard) of
samurai type with slot for the missing kozuka (side knife); some lacquer loss and about 1″
of wood missing from the front edge at the throat. Good quality workmanship that appears
to have been together for a very long time, but sadly the blade not in the condition one
would prefer. Overall length 20 ½”, not including saya. A genuine old samurai wakizashi
at a bargain price.