Koto Era Japanese Katana in Samurai Mounts


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Featuring traditionally forged 27 5/8″ blade of tamahagane steel with active midare hamon
(temper line); mumei (unsigned) nakago (tang) with single mekugi-ana (tang hole). Several
very shallow edge nicks (kizu) to blade. Old traditional samurai mounts, including signed
iron tsuba, copper menuki depicting a horse, and matching copper fuchi (collar) and
kashira (pommel) with fine gold scroll decoration. Tzuka (grip) with black same (rayskin)
and ito (silk cord wrapping). Traditional wood saya (scabbard) lacquered in black and gold
with iron kojiri (scabbard tip) with gold highlights (worn). Saya with wear and losses,
including broken kurikata (knob) and splits and losses from the koiguchi (scabbard mouth),
Overall length 37 ½”, not including scabbard. Nice early sword with matching mounts.