Medieval Knightly Type XIV Broadsword, Early 14th C


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Acquired recently from a trusted source in Switzerland and generally conforming to
Oakeshott Type XIV form, this sword features a broad, unmarked, tapering 28 3/4″ double-
edged blade with three narrow fullers extending about half to 2/3 of its length. The blade is
relatively flat in cross-section, gradually tapering to the edges. Oakeshott style 6 cross
guard of slightly down-curved bow tie shape with the face slightly rounded. Disc pommel of
Oakeshott Type J, the flat central disk with deeply hollowed bevel toward the outside; the
edges slightly rounded with cross-hatching (worn) at right angles to the face. Short (3
5/16″) tapering grip with ancient, possibly original, leather wrap. Entirely hand-forged, the
metal has been cleaned, showing grain, lamination, and light to moderate pitting over most
surfaces. Overall length 34 5/8″ (88 cm). One-handed sword for slashing, before the
widespread use of plate armor. Impossible to tell its country of manufacture, but this type
was most prevalent in France, Italy, and England. Outstanding condition for a sword of this
great age. A very similar sword is featured on the frontispiece of Oakeshott’s “The Sword
in the Age of Chivalry”. While some may think that the blade is similar to the 19th C
Sudanese kaskaras, the quality is clearly far superior and it is both shorter and broader
than the vast majority of kaskara blades. One must also realize that the kaskara itself was
patterned after medieval swords of the 14th C that remained after the Crusades. We fully
stand by the authenticity of this sword.