New England Militia Contract Flintlock Musket by Pomeroy

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Located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the firm of Lemuel Pomeroy provided muskets
primarily through state contracts in New England. Known primarily for their M1808, M1816,
and M1840 pattern muskets, all of which had barrel bands, this example is unrecorded and
likely from a smaller state contract. It features a round 41 ½” smooth bore barrel of .75″
bore diameter secured to the walnut full stock with pins. Brass mounts including four
ramrod pipes, serpentine sideplate and triggerguard. Iron buttplate and ramrod with button
tip. Flat beveled lockplate with teat at the rear and flat ring-neck cock, detachable brass
pan, and pointed frizzen spring finial. Lockplate marked forward of cock “L.
POMEROY/PITTSFIELD”, and “1815” date vertically behind the cock. Iron parts with
dark brown patina and pitting, wood showing dark patina and some old chips primarily
around the lockplate. Overall length 56″.