Pre-WWII Lineol German Model PAK 36 37mm Anti-Tank Gun


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Original detailed tin plate model of the German PAK (Panzerabwehrkanone) anti-tank
cannon, with rubber tires, marked “LINEOL”. The breech mechanism can be opened and
used to fire caps. Made in the 1930’s and featuring the pre-war 3-color camouflage paint.
Approximately 7″ long by 3 ½” wide, by 2 ½” high. Very good condition, retaining nearly all
of its original paint. Just obtained in Germany. Such models would have been cherished by
German boys, most of whom were part of the Hitler Youth, and many of whom later served
in Germany’s armed forces during WWII. 7.5 cm series and can be towed by the Lineol
Staff Car, offered elsewhere on this site.