Rare French Chasseurs a’ Cheval de la Garde Trooper’s Saber, Late 18th C


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This rare sword of the French Revolution and First Empire period features the distinctive
half basket hilt formed of flat high copper content brass. Broad integral knuckle bow
attached to the front of the pommel and stamped with two indistinct marks. Another broad
bar set at 90 degrees to the knuckle bow and attached to the side of the pommel, with a
broad bar extending diagonally from its base to the upper portion of the knuckle bow. Flat
oval-shaped rear quillon, stamped on top with an “E”. Original leather-bound grip (minor
wear), with single-strand brass wire wrap. Curved 35″ single-edged blade with broad fuller
extending to within 4 ½” of the point, stamped with two indistinct inspection marks; the spine
engraved “M=f/ture de Klingenthal Coulax freres Entrep/rs” in script. This mark was used in
the 1790’s before the establishment of the First Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte. Very
good condition; the guard and blade cleaned in European fashion, the blade with light
scratches in, and parallel with, the fuller. From a large European collection of French
Napoleonic era firearms and edged weapons. Overall length 41″. No scabbard. The
Chasseurs a’ Cheval were light cavalry also trained to fight on foot.