Rare WWII Nazi Desk Ornament

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Likely pre-war cast one-piece bronze figure of a man giving the Nazi salute in what appears
to be an SA (Sturmabteilung, aka Brown Shirts or Storm Troopers), uniform with painted
swastika arm band. Mounted atop a two-tier marble base and standing 9 5/8″ tall, the base
4″ by 3 1/4″. Weight 47.15 ounces (1337 g). Taken as a war trophy by Army Private Harry
Hohne and stored in a chest until recently sold by his nephew’s wife. This example, and
other items, were purportedly taken from a colonel of the 7th SS “Prinz Eugen” Division.
Hohne was involved with rounding up artifacts from museums, etc. toward the end of the
war and shipped duffel bags filled with war trophies to his mother and sister. He never
married and passed away in 1972. Very good condition as taken and stored for over 50
years. Such trophies are now very rare, as most examples were destroyed in the de-
Nazification that followed the war. We have never encountered another like it.