Scarce 19th/early 20th C Dayak Headhunter’s Blowgun Quiver & Darts


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Before extensive contact with the Europeans, the long blowpipe, known as a Sumpitan,
was handcrafted by the Dayak tribes of Borneo as a functional weapon. It was used with
both poisonous and plain darts. Offered here is a scarce hand-crafted quiver, known as a
“tolor”, and ten darts. The tolor body is fashioned from a section of bamboo, with the open
end featuring a removable conical cap fashioned from a coconut shell with braided rattan
edging. There is a hand-carved hardwood carrying hook secured to the body by woven
rattan; the top end of the hook with an attached piece of bone carved in the shape of a
mythical beast known as an “aso” (literally meaning “dog”). Inside the tolor are ten darts
(one cone damaged), each enclosed in a protective tubular casing. Also included is a
small wood and metal tool for fashioning the cones. Overall length of tolor is 14″ with the
cap attached. Rare and interesting item from this fierce primitive culture.