Silver-hilted Smallsword, 2nd Half 18th C, Probably German


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Solid silver guard featuring symmetrical shell guard cast, pierced, and chased with double-
headed eagle surrounded by acanthus with a hatched border. Quillon block, pas d’ane,
knuckle bow, diagonal single quillon, and pommel decorated ensuite with the dlouble-
headed eagle as the central figure. Grip wrapped with alternating twisted and solid silver
wire secured by engraved ferrules top and bottom. Hollow ground 32 3/4″ colichemarde
blade of triangular section, the upper third engraved with an armored warrior surmounted
by the word “hanniball” in script with foliage on both sides (worn). Hilt with fine detail, near
excellent, showing only minor wear. The blade with wear to the engraving and light pitting
and age staining. Overall length 39 ½”. No scabbard.