South German Black & White Officer’s 3/4 Armor, ca. 1560-70

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Early example with fine quality burgonet, featuring one-piece skull rising to a high point with acorn finial. This type of helm is much earlier and more scarce than the combed burgonets usually found on black and white armors. Offering additional face protection is the falling buff, a rare addition expertly made to match in modern times. This arrangement offered the protection of a close helm when needed, but additional visibility and ventilation when on the march. This style helm was typical of South Germany or Austria and may have been made in Augsburg, which used the acorn as its town emblem. Gorget and spaulders have original roped neck ring and left set of spaulders featuring bright central band; the front and back plates and right set of spaulders are perfectly matched restorations. Breastplate with pronounced ridge and mid-height tapule, indicating a breastplate from the early period of black & white armors; pair of moveable gussets and a 3-lame fauld (top lame a matching restoration); neck and gussets with fine quality roping. Back plate of four pieces (left wing a replacement) with decorative scalloped fauld; edges all finely roped; stamped at the top with a “D” maker’s mark, Nurnberg guild mark, and Vienna arsenal mark (see photo). Gauntlets of seven plates, plus finger lames; the cuff plates with rare diamond pattern embossing (left gauntlet a matching restoration). Knee-length tassets of 11 plates each (some lames replaced). Featuring a long sleeve mail shirt, which was often worn in place of full vambraces due to its additional flexibility. The entire armor has been expertly restored with all replacements clearly identified on the inside with black paint. All leathers replaced and the blackening repainted. Early officer’s armors of this style and quality rarely come on the market and a totally original example would bring several times the price. Very impressive and rare armor, priced to sell.