Styrian (Austria) Halberd, ca. 1580


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Featuring 27″ diamond-section thrusting spike; deeply concave axe blade stamped with
eyelash marks and pierced with three groups of punched holes; downward angled rear
beak stamped with a cogwheel maker’s mark and pierced with three punched holes.
Single shortened side strap and mounted on later hardwood shaft with iron retaining band
featuring punched dot line borders. Length of metal 33 1/8″; overall 84 ½”. Metal showing
great age with pitting, lamination, and forging flaws. The eyelash mark is found on many
Styrian weapons and similar examples can be found in the Landeszeughaus (state
arsenal) Graz, part of the Steiermarkisches Landesmuseum in Graz, Austria. Similar
example illustrated in “Hafted Weapons in Medieval and Renaissance Europe”, by John
Waldman, Fig. 72a. Price includes shipping in the contiguous USA, the cost of which has
doubled since Covid!