Unique Italian (Genoa) Cutlass, Early 18th C


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Featuring carved horn grip in the shape of a mustachioed man wearing a hat, inlaid with
bone dots (one missing), eyes, and lips; and decorated with brass wire inserts and tacks.
Small brass guard with decorative reverse quillon and finger ring. The grip with brass wire
serving a collar for the carved figure, brass base ferrule, and decorative pommel cap.
Curved single-edged 21″ unfullered blade with 8″ false edge and clipped point; stamped on
one side with a crowned “C” maker’s mark. Original black leather-over-wood scabbard with
brass drag and throat with frog hook; the leather with old repairs to the bottom 7″. Overall
length 26 ½”. Untouched original condition with all metal parts having a dark age patina;
blade lightly pitted. What first appears like a dark patina on the brass guard and scabbard
mounts seams to actually be some kind of black coating, indicating almost certain naval
use. Very interesting and unique cutlass from the ancient port city of Genoa.