Antique Swords, Rapiers, Broadswords, Pole Arms, Guns, and Armour
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Antique Swords and Daggers for Sale, Pre-1700

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(If photos appear distorted, please email for high-resolution pics.  Apparently certain devices like iPads are not able to display some photos properly.  We are aware of the problem and working on a solution)
German Two-handed Sword, Last Quarter 16th C
Exceptional Early English Silver Hilted Smallsword, 1683   ON HOLD
North Italian Chiseled and Pierced Cuphilt Rapier, ca. 1660
North European Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, ca. 1660
Horsemanís Sabre, German or Swiss, 2nd Half 17th C 
English Gothic Rondel Dagger, Early 15th C 
German Landsknecht Dagger, ca. 1550
Exceptional German Executioner Sword with Scabbard, First Half 17th C   SOLD
Italian Short Sword, ca. 1600
Rare Eastern European Cavalry Officerís Sabre, 17th C
Fine Dutch Rapier, ca. 1630
Austrian Dusegge Sabre, ca. 1600
English Mortuary Hilted Backsword, ca. 1640   SOLD
Silver Inlaid English Rapier, ca. 1630
English Mortuary Hilted Broadsword, Mid-17th C
Fine Gilt Dutch Rapier, ca. 1650   SALE PRICED
Spanish Broadsword, Style of 16th C
North European Broadsword, Possibly Swedish, ca. 1630   SOLD
Chiseled and Silver Inlayed Smallsword, ca. 1680  
Gilded Pappenheimer Rapier, ca. 1630   SALE PRICED!
German Horseman’s Sabre, 2nd Half 17th C
Italian Naval Cutlass, Genoa, Early 17th C   SOLD
Italian Broadsword, 3rd Quarter 16th C   SOLD
Exceptional Skeleton Hilt Rapier, Probably by Gottfried Leygebe, ca. 1660
Polish Hussar Sabre with Scabbard, 2nd Half 17th C   SOLD
Gothic Basilard Dagger, ca. 1400
Large North Italian Dagger, 3rd Quarter 17th C   SOLD
German Executionerís Sword, ca. 1650   SOLD
Decorative European Dagger with Flamboyant Blade, Possibly 17th C
Fine Brescian Sail Dagger, ca. 1650
Fine Chiseled European Dagger, ca. 1650
European Knightly Sword, Oakeshott Type XV, ca. 1400   SOLD
Unique Italian Cutlass, ca. 1700
Misericorde Dagger, Stiletto, French or Italian ca. 1550   SOLD
Fine German Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, 17th/18th C
Rare Styrian (Austria) Estoc, ca. 1580   SALE PRICED
English Silver Inlaid Sabre "Hounslow Hanger", ca. 1640   SOLD
Exquisite Chiseled Italian Rapier, ca. 1620  
Extremely Rare German Landsknecht Hand-and-a-half Sword, ca. 1520
Chiseled Left Hand Dagger, Probably Italian, ca. 1600   SOLD
European Estoc, Probably German, First Half 16th C    SOLD 
Silver Inlaid Left Hand Dagger, German or Italian, Early 17th C   SOLD
Rare and Exceptional 15th C Battle Sword, English or French   SOLD
North Italian (Brescia) Shell Guard Rapier, ca. 1640   SOLD
Italian Town Sword, Rapier, ca. 1640
German Horseman’s Broadsword, 2nd Half 17th    SOLD
Exceptional Gilded Italian Rapier, ca. 1630
Silver Inlaid Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, ca. 1660
Fine Chiseled Steel Smallsword, Late 17th C   SOLD
Large Venetian Left Hand Dagger, ca. 1600   SOLD
Magnificent Chiseled and Gilt German Two-handed Sword, Late 16th C   SOLD
Styrian (Austria) Dusegge, Sinclair Sabre, Late 16th C
Fine Italian 4-ring Rapier, ca. 1620
Silver Inlaid Broadsword with Flamboyant Blade, ca. 1660   SOLD
German Executionerís Sword, Dated 1651    SOLD
Fine Spanish Cuphilt Rapier, ca. 1650
German Left-hand Dagger, ca. 1600     SOLD