Africa Map by Mercator & Hondius, 1633


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Gerard Mercator, born as Gerard de Cremere in Rupelmonde (near Antwerp) on 5 March
1512 (died 1594), was an extremely learned and talented artist who is best known for his
cartography and copper engraving skills which allowed him to produce the plates to print
his prolific cartographical works. When he passed away on December 2nd, 1594 his work
was taken over by his son Rumold. In 1604 Rumold sold the map plates to Jodocus
Hondius of Amsterdam. Maps of this period were generally printed in 2 pages for insertion
into an atlas and for ease of printing. This 2-page edition was printed in 1633. It is period
hand-colored and was professionally matted and framed under glass in the 1970’s. Image
size 18 ½” by 14 3/4″, 25″ by 21″ framed.. The back of the frame is covered with craft
paper, so the back of the actual map surface has not been examined. Matting with some
discoloration around the edges, but the map itself is in excellent condition