Austro-Hungarian Karabela Sabre, Late 17th C


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Hilt featuring brass cruciform guard with double langets and central engraved decoration.
Wood slab grips with carved inverted chevron texturing secured by brass rivets and
featuring ingraved brass strip around its circumference. Broad curved 24 1/4″ single-edged
sabre blade with narrow fuller at the back edged and double-edged for the last 8″; deeply
struck eyelash mark on one side (blade cleaned over light-moderate pitting). Reworked
wood scabbard covered with black leather and featuring brass drag and embossed brass
band with inlaid turquoise and 2 fixed carry rings on each side. Overall length 29 1/4″, not
including scabbard. The eyelash mark is commonly found on swords from Austria and
Hungary and similar swords are preserved in the Landeszeughaus Graz, Austria.