British 1751 Pattern Infantry Hanger, sword, Glamorgan Militia


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The British 1751 pattern infantry hanger succeeded the earlier 1742 pattern and was
issued to British soldiers during the Seven Years War and to both sides during the
American Revolution. It was a foot soldier’s secondary weapon after the musket. These
were taken out of regular army service towards the close of the 18th century and re-issued
to Militia regiments and also used by the East India Company. The example offered here
is one of those, being issued to the Glamorgan (Wales) Militia. It features a solid brass
guard with heart-shaped guard, integral knuckle bow joined by two curved branches and
attached to the spherical pommel with large integral button; solid brass grip with deep
spiral grooves. Guard marked “M = GLAMORGAN” and regimentally marked “5/1″.
Lacking reverse quillon as frequently found. Curved 24 3/4″ single-edged blade with single
fuller on the back edge and deeply struck on both sides with the running fox mark bearing
the initials “SH” for the famed Birmingham maker Samuel Harvey (1698-1778). Blade still
sharp, showing lamination, pitting and signs of repeated sharpening, with very slight bend
near the point. Overall length 30 ½”. Very good condition with minor defects as noted and
pleasing patina to the brass.