British 1907 No. 1 Mk. II Bayonet and scabbard


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The British 1907 bayonet was the standard bayonet issued to British and Commonwealth
soldiers throughout WWI and also used in WWII. It features a straight 17″ single-edged
blade with spear point and single fuller, this example stamped with crown over “GR” over
“1907/9 ‘18/SANDERSON” on the ricasso on one side and Enfield inspection stamps and
“X” bending mark to show that the blade had passed proofing on the other. Markings
indicate it was made in September, 1918 by Sanderson. Short steel guard, birds head
pommel with protruding round button catch release and wood slab grips. Black leather
scabbard with black steel throat and chape, the round stud and external squared-off chape
differentiates it from the previous No. 1 Mk. I. Very good condition with clear markings;
blade smooth with some very shallow edge nicks and traces of cosmoline storage coating.
Overall length 21 3/4″, not including scabbard.