Unusual European Dagger, Late 17th/Early 18th C


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Uniquely designed steel hilt with twin sets of vertically recurved quillons arranged in
opposite directions, each with an antler-shaped finial. Single side ring with matching
pierced design. Pommel decorated ensuite; the grip with its original copper wire-wrapped
grip arranged in a chevron shape and finished with Turks heads top and bottom. Tapering
13 1/4″ blade of hollow-ground triangular section, engraved on both sides with foliage,
geometric designs, a spread-winged eagle, and sun faces. Very good original condition; the
metal generally smooth, with some very light pitting and age staining. Wear to engravings.
No scabbard. Overall length 19 1/4″. A rapier with similar antler motif recently sold at
auction in Germany for 15,000 euro.