German Swept Hilt Rapier, Early 17th C


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Forged steel hilt of round-section bars, featuring concentric ring guards on the obverse; the
lowest two being connected to a large pas d’ane and the uppermost ring connecting the
quillon block. Downswept rear quillon and a forward quillon bent diagonally toward the
reverse side. Reverse side of hilt with three bars extending diagonally from the pas d’ane,
becoming a single bar before joining the knuckle bow. Fluted ovoid pommel with button
and original iron grip wire with faceted ferrules top and bottom. Double-edged 40″ blade of
hexagonal section with half-length central fuller, stamped with an anchor mark and
indecipherable inscription (some letters legible). Overall length 46 1/8″. Shows great age
and use; the hilt with some repairs, wear, and nearly black patina. Blade cleaned, showing
wear and lamination.