WWII Nazi Desk Ornament- RARE!


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Known as the Reichsadler (Empire Eagle), this desk ornament features a two-sided nickel-
plated cast non-ferrous metal eagle with 6 3/4″ (171 mm) wingspan standing upon a wreath
encircling a swastika upon a globe, all atop a solid marble plinth base. It attaches to the
base with a long threaded steel rod through the center of the marble and fixed with a nut.
Overall height 9 3/8″ (238 mm), weight 44.4 ounces (1260 g). Some of the nickel-plating is
worn off, primarily on the eagle’s left wing, but otherwise sound and undamaged. These
original Nazi desk ornaments are incredibly rare because all those remaining in Germany
and the countries they occupied were destroyed during the post-war de-Nazification. That
leaves the only surviving examples to be those brought back and preserved by Allied