British M1810 India Pattern Flintlock “Brown Bess” Musket

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The Type II India Pattern musket was an improvement over the original M1793 India
Pattern musket, the swan-neck cock of which had a tendency to break during use. The
original India Pattern musket being a shorter, lighter and less costly alternative to the
previous Short Land Pattern musket. The M1810 cock was more robust and featured a
large circular opening at the throat. Another difference was a deeper and squarer pan to
provide more efficient priming. This improved model became the standard British infantry
weapon during the Napoleonic Wars.

This example features the standard lock with deeply stamped crown over “GR” and
“TOWER” vertically at the rear with a double line border. Lock plate is smooth with clear
markings, while the cock and pan show pitting as a result of frequent use with the
corrosive black powder. The round 39″ barrel of .75 caliber bore is stamped with view and
proof marks at the breech along with an East India Company heart and another deep
stamp on the barrel tang. Walnut full stock with three brass ramrod thimbles, trigger
guard, serpentine side plate, fore end, and butt plate. There are two sling swivels; one
centered above the forward ramrod thimble and the other at the forward edged of the
trigger guard. The stock has two small repairs on the reverse; one at the wrist and the
other at the notch where it meets the barrel breech, otherwise very good. The steel
ramrod is associated from a later British long gun. Overall length 55″.