Signed Japanese Edo Wakizashi


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Featuring hand-forged blade with 20 5/8″ nagasa (cutting length) in good polish, the
nakago (tang) signed “Kane Tsune” with single mekugi-ana (hole for mounting peg);
irregular gunome hamon (zigzag temper line). Samurai style koshirae (hilt mounts) with
large signed iron tsuba (guard), plain iron fuchi (grip collar) and kashira (pommel).
Traditional same (rayskin grip covering) mounted with a pair of bronze dragon menuke
(grip decorations) and wrapped with brown ito (silk braid). Black lacquered wood scabbard
with decorated iron kojiri (scabbard drag), and kurikata (knob) with attached green and gold
sageo (cord). This is likely the work of a Mino bladesmith, since both signature and hamon
are typical of this central Japanese province. The Edo Period from 1600 to 1867. Overall
length 29 ½”, not including scabbard.