Signed Edo Period Japanese Wakizashi


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Blade with 19 ½” toshin (cutting edge), featuring gunome midare hamon (irregular wavy
temper line) and o-kissaki (long point); the nakago (tang) signed “Hizen Kuni Saga Ju
Hirosada” (Hirosada, living in Saga, Hizen). Nakago cleaned to make the signature stand
out. Pierced copper tsuba (guard), signed “Eshu(?) Koshu Hikone Ju” on one side and
“Arashi Nyudo Soten Tsujuri” on the other. While the signature and style are Soten, it is not
their work. Copper fuchi (grip collar) with raised gold highlights depicting a dragon,
matching kashira (butt cap/pommel). Tsuka (handle) with traditional same (rayskin cover)
and black ito (silk braid) securing a pair of cast copper menuki (grip ornaments). Wood
saya (scabbard) with brown and gold lacquer, fitted with slot for kozuka (side knife, absent).
Blade likely Genroku era (1688-1704) from the Hizen school. Smooth and sharp, but not in
polish. Overall length 26 7/8″, not including scabbard.