British M1907 No. 1 Mk. 1 Bayonet



The British M1907 Bayonet was the main rifle bayonet in use during WWI and remained in
use well into WWII. In 1926 it was renamed the No. 1 Mk, 1 bayonet. Several
modifications were made during its period of use. This example features the long 17″
blade with rounded spine and deep 12 ½” single fuller preferred during WWI, but is dated
“12 ‘41″ (December, 1941). Many of those used during WWII had their blade shortened
for easier use in close quarters. Two-piece walnut slab grip fastened by two screws; birds
head pommel featuring the clean out hole introduced in 1916. This was added because
the mounting slot often became clogged with dirt, preventing the bayonet from mounting
on a rifle. The hole facilitated easier cleaning of the slot. Short fklat guard with hole to fit
over the rifle muzzle. Blade marked on one side “MA/1907/1/12 ‘41″ and “2XMA” with two
broad arrow stamps on the other. Pommel stamped with “B” over the serial number
“94926″. Overall length 21 3/4″.