Eli Whitney 2nd Model Pocket Revolver

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The Whitney Pocket Model Percussion Revolver was made from the late 1850’s to the
early 1860’s making it a popular handgun for both sides during the Civil War. It features a
5-shot .31 cal. cylinder and octagonal barrels of lengths 3″ through 6″. Iron frame, blued
finish, case hardened loading lever, and brass trigger guard; two-piece walnut grips. This
example is the Second Model, 3rd type, with 3 1/4″ barrel, which features the Colt-style
wedge type loading lever latch. Cylinder was lightly engraved with eagle, shield, lion, and
naval engagement, but as with most examples the scene is no longer visible because of
the light engraving which did not withstand use and wear. Serial number “29029″ is
stamped on the underside of barrel, top of loading lever, and inside of the grips. Metal
generally smooth with some light pitting on cylinder and top strap and an overall pleasing
gunmetal patina. Mechanically excellent; walnut grips very good.