European Smallsword, 2nd Half 18th C


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Steel hilt of basic form featuring double shell guard with raised border, pas d’ane, single
reverse scroll quillon and knuckle bow joining the ovoid pommel with button finial (old
expert repair to the knuckle bow, see photo). Hilt showing about 25% of a very old
coating; shows in two distinct colors, possibly gesso with gilt overlay. Small bits of what
appears to be solder on pommel, knuckle bow, and pas d’ane, though it does not appear
to be part of a repair. Wood grip wrapped with alternating thick single strand and smaller
twisted iron wire. Slender 31″ hexagonal-section double-edged blade with engraved
decoration on the upper five inches; gilt over its entire length (about 30% gilding remains).
Entire sword dark with age. Overall length 37 3/4″.