British East India Company Flintlock “Brown Bess” Musket


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Featuring tapering round 39″ smoothbore barrel of .75 caliber with front bead sight; barrel
tang stamped with a “1″. London view and proof marks and the East India Company heart
stamped at the breech. Lock plate with East India Company rampant lion marked in front of
the swan neck cock. Walnut full stock with brass mounts, including trigger guard, side
plate, butt plate, fore end cap, and three ramrod thimbles. Sling swivels at the front of the
trigger guard and above the front barrel band. Ramrod with button tip. Condition very good,
with brown patina on steel parts and rich patina on the brass; wood with small chips at the
back of the lockplate and tight 2″ cracks in front of the lockplate and trigger guard.
Mechanically fully functional. Overall length 54 1/2″.