Chiselled And Gilt Smallsword, Probably French, 18th Century


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Steel hilt pierced and chiseled with martial trophies, rocailles and foliage, all picked-out in
gold on a dark brown background; comprising double shell-guard, quillon block, pas d’ane,
lobed rear quillon, knuckle guard, and globular pommel with button. Grip bound with three
types of steel wire, one strand twisted with brass wire. Tapering 29 5/8″ blade of flattened
hexagonal section changing to flattened diamond section towards the point, with long ovoid
ricasso; both sides etched and gilt with symmetrical foliated strapwork with a martial figure
and design of foliage, each in an oval panel. Very good plus condition, the hilt retaining
nearly all of its original brown finish and gilding. Blade with a few small spots of age
staining and tiny pin-prick pitting; etching sharp and clear with nearly all of its original gold
filling. Overall length 36 1/4″.