Fine North Italian Cuphilt Rapier, Mid-17th Century


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Finely crafted hilt featuring cup guard delicately pierced and chiseled with scrolling foliage
and a central stag, pheasants, and a hunting hound on each of the four panels. Scalloped
top to each panel with down-turned edges. Long straight quillons with a chiseled spiral
decor and flower head finials; knuckle bow chiseled ensuite. Spherical pommel with small
button, pierced and chiseled to match the cup guard. Large pas d’ane with integral
guardopolvo screw to the cup guard. Twisted wire grip wrap with ferrules top and bottom
and four longitudinal bars with spiral decor. Straight hexagonal-section 37 1/4″ blade with
11 ½” central full stamped “PETRVS EN TOLEDO” on both sides with an anchor mark just
below the fuller. Stamped maker’s mark on the ricasso. There is a period forge weld in
the upper part of the blade (see photo). While this may appear to be a repair, it was
occasionally found on blades of this period as originally made and not the result of
damage. Numerous tiny edge nicks and a few small areas of light pitting, primarily toward
the point. Overall length 44 1/4″.