Fine Pair of Brass Frame Over and Under Tap Action Flintlock Pistols, ca. 1800

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Featuring brass box lock frames with over and under 1 3/8″ screw-off brass barrels of
approximately .36 caliber; one pistol with both frame and barrel marked “2″ and “3″
respectively and the other “6″ and “7″ to ensure that each barrel is in the correct position.
Tower of London private proof marks of the twice struck crossed scepters on the underside
of each frame where the barrels screw on. Each frame marked “London” in an oval amid
stands of arms on one side and “Theo/us. Richards” bordered by floral decoration on the
other. Theophilus Richards of Birmingham, the elder 1747-1828, and his son by the same
name 1771-1833. Steel tap action lever to control the venting of the pan, allowing either
just the top barrel to fire, followed by the second barrel, or both at once. Cock with sliding
safety to lock the frizzen in place, preventing ignition. Steel cock, safety, tap action, frizzen,
trigger, and trigger guard. One-piece slab-sided walnut grips. Overall length 6″. Very
attractive pair of flintlock pistols.