British Pattern 1793 (India Pattern) Flintlock Musket, early 19th C


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Featuring tapering round 39 1/8″ barrel of .79 caliber with ring decoration at the breech;
Tower Ordnance proof marks stamped on the left side (faint). Slightly convex lock plate
with pointed tail and double line border, stamped “TOWER” vertically behind the swan neck
cock and crowned “GR” and broad arrow government ordnance mark in front. Walnut full
stock with 1805 dated storekeepers mark on the butt, stamped “TH” behind the side plate.
Brass mounts, including butt plate with stepped tail, trigger guard, serpentine side plate,
three ramrod thimbles, and fore end cap. Steel ramrod, stuck in the ramrod channel.
Overall length 55″. Good condition, the steel with pitting, oxidation, and dark brown patina;
stock with scattered dings and dents and worn finish; brass with dark yellow patina, the rear
trigger guard extension replaced. This pattern musket saw extensive use during the
Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812.