Flintlock Blunderbuss, Probably Spanish, ca. 1810-20

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Featuring flat lockplate with flat swan-neck cock and brass pan and remains of lightly
engraved decoration (worn and lightly pitted, action needs adjustment). Octagonal-to-
round 18 ½” barrel with 1.75″ muzzle opening and four deeply stamped marks at the
breech. Walnut full stock carved with a sea creature and stands of arms in low relief;
carved foliate decor on wrist and around the barrel tang (chipped at rear of lock, left side of
barrel tang, and right side behind the fore end cap. Plain brass mounts including trigger
guard, side plate, butt plate, barrel band, ramrod thimble, and fore end cap. Steel ramrod
with flared end. From the decoration on the stock it could possibly have been for maritime
use. Steel parts lightly pitted; stock and brass with pleasing patina. Overall length 32 1/2″.