French 2nd Empire M1854 Heavy Cavalry Carabinier Sword


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The Carabiniers-à-Cheval (French for “Horse Carabiniers”) were mounted troops
equipped with armor and firearms, and were also commonly called heavy cavalry, very
similar to Curaissier units. A number of variations of the original AN XI heavy cavalry
sword of the First Empire were modified and adapted for use throughout most of the 19th
C. This example features the 3-branch guard adopted for use in the M1822, which lacked
the ball-tipped guard bars of the earlier AN XI and AN XIII, and features the circular crown
on the pommel. The guard features several stamped markings including the number
“319″ and the starred “B” in a shield mark of J. A. Bisch (1844-1861). Tapering slightly
curved leather-covered wood grip with twisted brass wire wrap. While many of these later
models featured modified First Empire blades with the flat spine, this example features a
straight 39 1/4″ blade with full-length double fullers, slightly rounded spine, and spear
point. The spine is marked in script “M’re. Imp’le. de Chât’t. Fevrier 1860 = Carab’er
M’le 1854″, indicating it is a M1854 made at the Chattelerault arsenal in February, 1860
for the Carabiniers-a-Cheval. At the base of the fullers are the “L” stamp of Director Le
Caruyer de Lainseq (1858-1862) and the starred “S” of Controller Schultz (1853-1872).
Iron scabbard with twin carrying rings and symmetrical lyre-shaped drag, painted black
(some rust spotting). Very good original condition; the blade generally smooth with very
minor pitting and a few shallow edge nicks. Overall length 46″, not including scabbard.