German Executioner’s Sword, ca. 1650


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Iron hilt featuring tapering square-section quillons with faceted button terminals and
rectangular quillon block. Faceted ovoid pommel with button; leather over cord grip
wrap with brazed ferrules top and bottom. Heavy and broad 32 ½” blade of lens section
with rounded point and deep fuller on each side running approximately a third of its
length; finely etched with Lady Justica wielding a sword and scales on one side and
Lady Prudentia on the other and the German text: “Wan Ich das Schwert thue aufheben
wunsch Ich dem Sunder das Leben” one side and “Die herren steuren dein unheil Ich
Exequiere Ihr Endis urtheil”. This means roughly “When I throw this sword I wish the
sinner life” and “The men steer your evil. I execute the final judgement” The blade was
professionally cleaned by conservators at the Tower of London. Overall length 42 ½”.