German Flintlock Tinder Lighter, 18th C


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The tinder lighter was a very useful invention for its time, before the invention of the match
in 1826. Fire has been a human necessity since the beginning of human existence and
presented a challenge to mankind for millennia . The flintlock tinder lighter used the
action of a flint against steel to create a spark to ignite highly flammable materials such as
paper, wood shavings, cloth, etc. Once lit, the tinder would be used to light a candle,
which could then be used to make larger fires. This example of iron features an entirely
external flintlock mechanism composed of springs, hammer with jaws for holding the flint,
frizzen to strike and direct the spark, and trigger. All this is attached to a rectangular body
mounted on four decorative turned iron legs with a rectangular compartment below the
frizzen and hammer to hold the tinder. The reverse of the body has a hinged door
fastened with a rotating catch which uncovers a compartment to hold tinder; candle holder
mounted on the outside of this door. Wood handle (split but sound) at the rear with brass
ferrule and cap. In untouched condition with dark brown age patina. Even contains an
original flint and liner and a piece of period tinder inside the compartment! Overall length
8 ½”, height 3 1/4″.