German Forester’s Dagger with Etched and Gilt Blade, Mid-19th C


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Featuring guard with stag hoof shaped steel quillons; stag horn grip with silver capstan
pommel (re-pinned) and base ferrule. Fine quality 6 3/4″ double-edged blade of lens
section; the last 2″ ground to diamond section. Blade finely etched with geometric and
floral designs on gilt hatched background with the inscription “nec temere nec timide” (latin
for “neither rashly nor timidly”) in oval cartouche. This style of blade decoration often found
on 18th C smallswords and this blade could possibly have been adapted from one. Black
leather scabbard (showing wear and minor losses) with nickel silver throat and drag;
leather belt frog (retaining strap replaced). Overall length 11 ½”, not including scabbard.