German Horseman’s Sword, ca. 1600


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Iron hilt with oval-section guard bars comprising S-form knuckle bow, down curved reverse
quillon, diagonal side ring with large pas d’ane from which a small ring extends on both
sides at the bottom with a pair of upturned lugs on the obverse side. Heart-shaped
pommel with raised diamond on its face and button finial. Original grip wrapped with
alternating flat and twisted iron wire with turks heads top and bottom. Heavy 37 ½”
straight single-edged blade with no markings or fuller, the last 4″ double-edged. Blade
shows lamination and heavy cleaning. Most of the metal has been abrasively cleaned
with the balance having a dark brown rust patina. Guard and pommel tight and sword
appears to have never been apart. Overall length 43 3/4″.