Type XI Knightly Sword, Probably Anglo-Saxon, 11th/12th C


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Rare sword of Oakeshott Type XI, featuring straight 31 7/8″ double-edged blade with narrow
central fuller extending from within the tang to about 3″ from the point. 8 1/8″ long
rectangular-section cross guard of Oakeshott Style Ia. Oakeshott Type J circular disc
pommel with flat central section, the edges hollowed to the thinner outside edge. Pommel
with latten inlaid decoration of inverted triangle with horizontal lines and a “V” inside on one
side, and three round dots arranged in a triangular pattern connected by thin latten lines on
the other. The latten is of different metals, including alloys of copper, zinc, magnesium, and
lead, giving several different colors to the inlaid decoration. Very good conserved
excavated condition. This scarce sword is of the period and type carried by King Harold’s
warriors at the Battle of Hastings, and depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry. Overall length 37
3/8″ (95 cm), weight 3 pounds 7.75 ounces (1.58 kg). Includes XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence)
metal analysis report.