German Maximilian Style Triple Comb Close Helm, ca. 1525

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Forged one-piece skull with three roped combs and shallow flutes in-between, each
bordered with double incised lines. Thick horizontally fluted visor with rectangular eye and
breathing slits; the fluting and roping of the skull continuing into the visor. Smooth lower
bevor with recessed lower band and roped bottom edge; the visor and bevor hinged by a
single pin each side with decorative rosette, each secured by a push-button spring catch.
Two rear neck lames with triple comb, fluting, recessed border, and roped edge formed en
suite. Tapering roped plume holder secured by two rivets at the base of the skull. Skull
slightly dented on top around the central comb and several small rust-throughs in the
grooves of the roping on the combs. Shows signs of age with light pitting and an old
coating of varnish on the exterior surfaces. Interior with dark brown rust patina, showing
hammer marks. Scarce early helm of the desirable “Maximilian”style, often considered the
height of the armorer’s art. Similar examples illustrated in “Europaische Helme”, by
Heinrich Muller and Fritz Kunter, 1984.