German Officer’s Broadsword with Scabbard, ca. 1680


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Blackened hilt featuring single oblong side ring filled with a pierced plate embossed with
acanthus design. Down-turned reverse quillon with lobed finial chiseled with acanthus
design. Knuckle bow with central double knob joined to the pommel. Pommel with button
and chiseled ensuite with acanthus design. Grip wrapped with three sizes of single
strand and twisted brass wire and finished with braided turks heads top and bottom.
Double-edged 33 1/4″ blade of hexagonal-section; the long ricasso stamped “JOANNE”
on one side and “MARTINEZ” on the other inside an engraved border. Blade shows
lamination, pitting, and a number of nicks from blade strikes primarily on the lower half. In
its period leather covered wood scabbard with blackened iron mounts. The scabbards for
these early swords are a hundred times more rare than the swords themselves. Overall
length 38 ½”, not including scabbard.