German Pre-WWI S98 Bayonet


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In 1898 the German Army adopted the Gewehr 98, meant to have a free-floating barrel
that would increase its accuracy. Since the muzzle ring of a bayonet could adversely
affect the accuracy, a new bayonet was developed that attached via a long bayonet bar
rather than a muzzle ring. This was called the Seitengewehr 98, or S98. Early patterns,
featured afragile one-piece wrap-around wood grip. Later examples, designated nA
(neuer Art, or new pattern) have a more robust two-piece grip. Both featured a long
narrow pipe-backed blade which was much stronger than the French 1886 bayonet, to
which it was compared when commissioned. This example is the nA with two-piece wood
grip and features a 20 5/8” pipe-backed blade, the spine stamped with a crowned “M” over
“06″ (for 1906) above another unidentified stamping. The short ricasso is stamped with
the maker’s name “SIMSON & Co/SUHL”. The single short upturned quillon is stamped
“W.D. 630.” Black leather scabbard with steel mounts, the throat with frog stud and
stamped with unit markings “28.R.11.247″ for 28th Infantry Regiment, Company 11,
weapon number 247. Bayonet and scabbard show age and use with a dark rust patina to
steel parts, a couple areas of pitting on the blade, and some stitching open on the upper
portion of the scabbard