German Rapier, ca. 1620


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Featuring complex iron hilt providing maximum protection to the hand of the user,
composed of a series of looping and interlocking rectangular-section bars with large
pierced and chiseled shell-shaped plates on both sides (several old brazed repairs); long
straight quillons and knuckle bow extending from the quillon block and conjoined with the
guard bars. Tapering cylindrical pommel with button; wood grip lacking the wire wrap.
Hexagonal-section 42″ blade with 7 ½” central fuller, stamped with anchor mark on one
side and “*M O M O M**” on each side in the fuller. This is the mark of Johannes Moum of
Solingen, 1580-1638. Overall length 50″. We recently sold a similar sword, with original
grip wrap, for $4995.