German Short Sword, 1st Half 19th C



Completely unmarked and we have been unable to identify its exact model or date, but it
came from a collection of 18th and 19th C German weapons and is the type of weapon often
carried by foot artillery, infantrymen, or even pioneers. Features solid brass hilt with short
guard expanding toward the ends; smooth grip with integral pommel. Heavy 19 7/8″
straight single-edged blade with brass blade washer. Black leather scabbard with brass
throat and frog stud; drag missing and seam split, leather dry and flaking. Shows
considerable age; brass with dark brown patina and blade with age staining and several
patches of light pitting. Such pieces were used more for cutting brush or building
breastworks than actual combat, though they could be effective in that role when
necessary. Overall length 24 3/4″, not including scabbard.