German WWI Era S98 Bayonet


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In 1898 the German Army adopted the Gewehr 98, meant to have a free-floating barrel that
would increase its accuracy. Since the muzzle ring of a bayonet could adversely affect the
accuracy, a new bayonet was developed that attached via a long bayonet bar rather than a
muzzle ring. The back of the bayonet pommel features a notched T-slot to fit over the
bayonet bar and spring-mounted button catch. This was called the Seitengewehr 98, or
S98. Early patterns, featured a fragile one-piece wrap-around wood grip. Later examples,
designated nA (neuer Art, or new pattern) have a more robust two-piece grip with diagonal
grooves and attached with two screws. Both versions featured a long narrow pipe-backed
blade which was much stronger than the French 1886 bayonet, to which it was compared
when commissioned. This example is the nA with two-piece wood grip and features a 20
5/8” pipe-backed blade; the short ricasso is stamped with the maker’s name “SIMSON &
Co/SUHL” (partially obscured). The short steel guard with single upturned quillon is
stamped with what appears to be “68 * 49″. Black leather scabbard with steel drag and
unmarked throat with frog stud (many were stamped with unit markings). Leather is
smooth and supple with a few small creases. Bayonet and scabbard show age and dark
patina; grip is worn with minor loss. Blade is generally smooth with some age staining.
Overall length 25 3/4″, not including scabbard.